The wine

…we like it wild, chemical-free  with a 'minimum of intervention'.  Natural is our philosophy.

We have a clear focus on uncompromising, natural wines, adding nothing as well as not taking anything away. They were made from crushed grapes that fermented into wine… As they are wines that are literally alive (look at them under a microscope and they look like a mini universe) and the best examples show so much more personality and depth of flavor than a conventionally made wine could ever do.

Keep in mind that organic wine doesn’t mean natural wine – organic wine is simply wine made without using chemicals in the vineyard, whereas natural wine should be totally unadulterated. It’s said that this unadulterated form of wine allows for a truer expression of the grape’s character and, in turn, produces a more vibrant and unique flavor.

Vi tror på naturen!

-Donald Kazazi

Head Sommelier Ebenist




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